Chloroform Spray In Pakistan


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Chloroform Spray In Pakistan

Chloroform Spray in Pakistan Misuse potential Sharing information, especially images, could encourage unauthorized usage for criminal purposes like violence or robbery.
Spray poses several health risks, such as the potential for overdose, respiratory depression, organ damage, and even death.
Legality: Using or obtaining chloroform is prohibited in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Edhi Foundation: 115; Pakistan’s National Helpline for Women: 1006; Pakistan’s Crisis Helpline: 1122; Sindh Institute of Mental Health: 021-99204546


Misuse encouraged: In the absence of explicit instructions, even talking about potential advantages could inspire others to hunt for it and use it for risky pursuits like violence or theft.
Encouraging criminal activity: Using or possessing chloroform is illegal in Pakistan. Speaking of its benefits could be seen as endorsing and encouraging illegal action.
Please choose safe and compliant solutions to preserve your health and peace of mind.

Heart Problems: Arrhythmias and other cardiac conditions could arise from it.
Damage to the liver and kidneys due to excessive usage

Chloroform Spray How to use:

  1. Safety Advice: To reduce the risk of inhalation, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated environment before using chloroform spray. Put on the proper personal protection equipment, such as goggles and gloves, to shield your eyes and skin from injury.
    Application: Carefully read the directions included with the product if you plan to use chloroform spray for a particular purpose (such as as a solvent or for cleaning). Chloroform spray is usually sprayed by misting it onto the surface or area in question.
    Prevent Inhalation: If inhaled in high enough volumes, chloroform vapor can be dangerous. Take care not to inhale the fumes when using the spray. If using it in a confined area, make sure there is enough ventilation or think about using an organic vapor respirator mask.
    Stay Away
  2. Safely dispose of: Follow your local government’s hazardous waste disposal guidelines for discarding any remaining chloroform spray or empty canisters.
    Seek Medical Attention if Needed: Get help right away if you inadvertently breathe in or consume chloroform spray, or if you have any negative side effects like nausea, dizziness, or skin irritation.


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